Wednesday, December 28, 2011


im super lazy to arrange the photos in order except for the first few ones.
so just let the photos do the talking k?
or head to to read abt the whole trip k? :D

in the plane! took thai airways this time round instead of budget airlines!
it was damn shiok cause we get to watch movies and eat!

upon reaching our hotel room...

and street food which i LOVE and must eat it EVERYDAY!

2nd day!

on a tuktuk!

in a cab!

lepak at the macs outside plantinum mall
and the mac spicy meal upsize cost 109bhat
which is 4 SGD!

so lazy to elaborate! i only rmb we met reallly nice thai people who helped us out when we seems lost. but we werent! just standing in the middle deciding whr to go!
the itinerary was:
lucky buddha temple >4 faced buddha > plantinum mall > central world for buffet > Saphan Phut night maket > Siam night market

3rd day was, hmmz, okay??

pratunam whole sale centre to shop and our fav cheap frappe!
like 2 SGD for such huge cup!

then we went to eat at street stall again!!
then went back to plantinum mall to shop somemore.

then MBK to shop! look at that cute pup lying right outside the entrance!
yes w the shades!

then we had lunch round 2. LOL

all the above was spicy!!
esp the soup!! i know it looks okay but it was mad spicy!
i'm quite good at taking spicyness but this!!!
omg buey tahan both of us buey sai tank!

look at our natural red lips after eating!

then we had this! macha ice cream! this is the sex!

the annual photo we always take! LOL

then we went Siam night market again to shop and bought back lots of food

after eating we walk to our previous hotel the night market below to shop!
which i bought a total of 4pairs of shoes that day!

then we bought back snacks again!

we had a total of 6meals that day! it was insane!

Didn't took photos on the last day cause it was mad rush!
woke up and zoom down to chatuchak which we only had 2hrs to shop!
when going back hotel there was a freaking jam!
we were supposed to reach hotel lobby at 1.30pm
so that we got free ride to the airport!
we only reached at 2.15! and they waited for us!

randomxz photos!

they have Made In Candy (MIC) in bkk's central world!

after the flight landed rusydi came to fetch me!
and we went to have Breeks for dinz.

i was so tired aftermath i zonked out when i got home!

now imma do my assignment and party at zouk/phuture later onz!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

flying off to bangkok tmr w jasmine!
gonna be back just before xmas!
miss me while im gone~

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-X'mas celebration at alvin's place!

yepyep! term test is final fuckingly over!!!
2weeks break, better than nthg right!
so went straight down to alvin's place after the last paper ended.
and miss katherine koo was invited!
our fav lecturer that have left the school :D

polaroid time!

the girls w miss kat!

and my dearest clique of friends in school. X

then it was gift xchange time!

the one i got! :D

next head down to rebel and partied the night away!
it was a great night minus that fatty bombom incident!


town with rusydi and we caught mission impossible4!
it was damn awesome k!
for those who love action-packed movie dont miss it!
tom cruise so hawwwwwt! meltz*

getting ready for the camera...

ending this post w a jiaobin!

and rus who's hair look like pineapple.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

got this off tumblr cause i find it funny!
humans can get really creative some times huh.

So, i've been drowning in assignments and projects these few days but its gonna be over soon! cause the dateline is on thurs! then imma start mugging for term test alrdy! then i would be going away w jasmine to BANGKOK!!!
like forever going there.
actully, twice every year!
just went there early this march ^^
but this time round its just ME and HER!!!!
zai right! hehehe

Sunday, December 04, 2011

another hectic week gone!
but i foresee another one coming up cause its the last week of school before term test ;)

So, was working on friday at cineleisure's outlet! so glad some friends pop by to say hi. and rus delivered gongcha to me! and my sibei funny lecturer came down to order customize candies!
it was all for Aviation students for TP's open house! you guys are really lucky to have him k!
so i helped him to design the candies and all! cant wait to see how it would turn out!

ended work at 10 and studying session w satish at sk.
i would say it was productive cause i got my assignment done.
didnt go home for the night and crashed at rus's place. it was like already 5am when i got to his place? lol.

after waking up it was:
compass pt to run errands w des and rus,
then e-hub to buy movie tix for apple of my eye ^^
then went back sk take my stuff, and rus drove me home to change,
dinz then e-hub to watch movie,
then prawning session w rus des aloy jh cheryl.

first prawn caught by rusydi! with lots of eggs LOL

i dun geddit why prawns could only have one pincers leh?

lucky or what!

we caught a total of 20! (with 4 rods)

then it was time to bbq!
i find it damn zek ark to poke the prawns w the sticks can :(
but the prawns were rly damn fresh!

homed at 5, zombiefied.