Saturday, March 31, 2007

dance was alright today. jasyapp din come. she was sick. poor thing. meet carina, yiling, crystal, erika, hansel, edmund, py, wei xinq, ming xian, collin, henry, n some more. cant remember la. de miss joseph call carina tu go tu the taxi stand tu pay her taxi fare. MISS JOSEPH 4GOT TU BRINH HER WALLET. n is not the 1st tym oreadi. =x she ask me not tu blog bout this. oopsie. went tu plaza sing. had lunch at sorta a restaurant. a plate of fried rice cost 10 bucks la. n miss joseph ordered 4plates. she treat us. but we pay for our own drinks. veri nice of her liao lor. den wei xiang still complain lor. LOL. crap bout alot of stuff. henry pierce his ear. n seriously n look gay la. den went arcade for awhile. was thinking tu catch a movie. but some we watch b4. if not no more time. lols. so went the arcade bside pc bunk. some was at pc bunk la. din reali play any games. until i saw bishi mishi. i was soooo damn crazee bout it when i started playing. miss joseph was laughing la. n wei xiang. was veri good at it tuu. but he still cant beat me. =p LOL. played alot of tyms can. all wei xiang money. so nvm. LOLS. den saw jackie n jillson. din reali care la. den saw shawn. tt sec 5 wan. went tu say hi with miss joseph. was his birthday today. he was with other 3 gals. den miss joseph n erika left at 5 as dey got something on. was sian la. so went bak tu plaza sing tu walk walk. den carina went tu find meiyi after awhile. so went bak tu arcade lor. din c py dey all. but saw jackie n jillson. den hang with dem lor. is still early la. so dun feel lyk goin hm yet. c dem play few rounds of initial D jiu go eat liao. i din eat la. i was still full. dey keep making mi walk can. dey wanna see whether how long i can walk with my heels. not funni lor. dunno where dey go n eat la. but i go der once b4 with my cousin. den walk bak tu ps again. watch dem play play play. got this guy. lyk those mentally retarded. keep staring at us can. if not at the game. he cnnt stop smiling la. reali freak mi out lor. jillson oso. damn scary. den jillson saw few of his fren oso. all at the play initial D. i juz watch lor. i cnnt understand half of wat dey r saying la. slap slap here slap slap der. chop chop here chop chop der. den dunno wat p here p der. LOLS. den was bout 9plus we went tu take mrt. tt GUY was following us. OMFG. i damn scare can. so jillson say go ps de toilet 1st. den finally he is gone. phew~ n thanks tu jillson i broke my foundation la. cuz i keep hitting him with my clutch. n my stuff was all inside. he cnnt stop talking crap can. urgh. reach hm around 10? damn tired now. finally can slp till watever tym i wan. yea..tatas~

Friday, March 30, 2007

i din watch inuyasha n rumbling hearts ytd nite!!! but if i watch it my dark circles will b even darker la. lols. write alot of stuff during reflection period today. juz suddenly got alot of stuff tu say la. we got no history teacher for 2 weeks le? so din bother tu get my book bak frm glen. juz chat around during history lesson. n crystal..i cant stand her. yiling was telling mi bout her stuff la. she juz cant stop flirting even though she oreadi got a boyfren. n look into da mirror 1st can. eek. english lesson was alright today. got hmwk tu do. but i somehow forgotton tu bring it home. =p mr lee today suddenly get veri angry at us today. not us. daniel n his fren. they juz cant stop toking la. after sko got some field trip thingy. so went tu eat with chen ning dey all. saw this guy name rayson? chen ning n rachel was lyk so crazee bout him. some ex vistarian. yea. he is hot. LOL. da trip was sorta fun la. took some pics. some places that gotta do with history. watch this elizabeth choy video. quite touching. was sleeping on the way bak tu sko la. my eyes so tired. n yiling juz cant stop taking fotos!!! is take us. candid fotos. urgh. dance tml. den 2e4 outing? haix.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

woah. finally can use my com. quite alot of days nv post le. i'm happy in school la. teacher mia-ing. den we can go anywhere we lyk. den got 1 tym damn funny. was in jasmine class. onli for few min. den mel saw rashidin. wah pianq. all zhao ar! all run bak tu class. n maths T.T i cnnt understand a single shit. DnT lesson. cher change liao. tt mdm tan not reali fierce la. still can slp in her class. n tt stupid nicholas n wei xianq. after polishing thier thingy den finger black black wan. keep touching my hand la. den i keep washing la. den buey tahan jiu splash water on dem. WAHAHA. on ya. went tu plaza sing last sat. saw alot of north vista de. n i finally wore tt dress. (+++++) sherlynn, jasmine n me wore dress. jas toh wore a top n tights. mei yi is top n jeans.emily n jojo wore top n mini skirt. den jillson n jackie came fine us. went pc bunk awhile. saw jean n her pc-bunk-frens. den went arcade. den jiu went hm le.

went for tt dunno wat field trip talk. damn hot inside. i'm sweating lyk hell. after recess more worst. chinese was boring today. CDP was super fun today. cuz got no teacher untill the last 15mins? my class was in a super big mass la. some went walking. some went toilet. some playing. so drawing. some using fone. some playing cards. some taking fotos. some playing basketball. n 1 more. playing paper balls with the dustbin. lame shiat. i was playing around oso la. den someone shout mr lim coming. den wa pianq. my class within few seconds all zoom bak tu seats. den fake fake take out books. damn damn funni. the change take place reali fast. but was false alarm. damn tt person. =x den went bak tu da mess again. n finally miss sukina came. ask her tu take a class foto of us tu put it in our class blog. guess wat. i'm not in it. thanks tu NICHOLAS ONG SHAO XUAN. cuz when cher said '3' he go push my head against hansel head. DAMN PAIN CAN. den i squat down la. if not i wil look damn ugly. yeah. thanks again nicholas. so i juz keep saying i hate nicholas i hate nicholas. den nicholas keep saying sorrie la sorrie la. =p i wasnt reali angry la. den modern dance after sko. i'm feeling so sticky. eek! went hm straight after dance.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

arhhhh. din go sko today. dont ask y. juz dont feel lyk goin. i juz cant stop thinking bout gonza!!! he is so damn hot!! he online juz now. onli for a short while. we din chat much la. i got nth tu say.lols. i dunno y these few days. nope. these few weeks, i get dizzy veri easily. when i wanna stand up or after running. n these few days in class i keep gon crazee til carina was lyk afraid of me. LOL. carina was saying. jessie, dun suddenly liddat can. i wil scare de. lols. jo juz now ask me wat's rong with me. i dunno y i juz said every thing bout me is wrong. lols. jo din go today oso. if the teacher had notice. 9 out of 10 i din go sko is on thursday. cuz got pe. LOL. n the lessons on tt day. all double period. chinese 2period. i cntn stand chinese lesson. simply tuu boring. den pe 2 period. i dun feel lyk doin pe. den maths 2 period. english 2 period. sci 2 period. sci oso. damn boring. jasmien dey all now in compass. dunno whether tu go or not tu go. tym pass so fast. juz now was onli 10am plus. now 3pm plus. haix. i'm feeling quite down today la.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

this morning de dance quite fun la. i finally get tt thingy rite. n jasyapp juz keep telling us. gonza gonza gonza. some tym say stop thinking of him. some time say think of him. imagine tt he tel us tt we can do it. not all of us la. jojo n me nia. LOL. lesson today was alright. after sko got dance again. din get scream la. heng! i think today dance after sko end at 6.35? sorta went hm with fadill. cuz we live quite near each other. den alight at the same station oso. last tym when we still dunno each other we oways dao each other when i saw him at lrt or he saw me. now diff le. LOL. chat this chat tt. haha. i wan go watch the dance floor le. so. TATAS~

Monday, March 19, 2007

gah. alot of stuff happen today. i dun feel lyk toking bout it. our form cher had change. our co form had oso change. watever. n dance juz now was..i dun wanna tok about it. so yea. end here. bye.

Friday, March 16, 2007

dance today was..urgh. kana punish til veri jialat. all tgt ran bout 10 rounds around the parade sq. 50 push up. 50 sit ups. 2o eights of jumping jack? all non stop. it almost kill me. janna, jasmineyapp, mliha, miss zu scream the hell outta us. its for our own good. thanks. LOLS. went cineleisure with yasmeen jojo fabian n ayu tu watch jasmineyapp de dance battle. SHE IS SO HOT. saw this guy..DAMN HOT N CUTE OSO!! man. look at the way he dance. reali make the crowd go wild n make mi go GAGA. HE DAMN HOT CAN. but he is frm thailand. haix. after every end went tu take foto with jas. n tt guy!!! at 1st i quite shy la. LOL. i stand bside him sia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG. i cant believe. i got his hotmail n his number. cuz he gave US his namecard. LOL. with his foto. bboy rocks!!!! i cant help but juz stare at him.. he is soooooooooo damn cute can. urgh. miss zu came tuu. den her husband gave us a ride hm. so gooooood.

my pic with him.



me. gonza. josephine.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

my leq muslce is aching lyk hell. i could hardly walk when i woke up today. FWAH. i dun think i'm goin out today. so i'm juz gonna rot at home. n dance tml again!! URGH. holiday so fast gonna end le. haix. i sorta envy my sis. she no nit tu b worry of anithing. juz went out n play EVERYDAY. n use the comp. n tts all for her. as for me. i nid tu think of this think of tt. lol? yeah. i had let go of certain stuff. i'm not gonna think bout him animore. not gonna love him anymore. deleted stuff tt concerns bout him. pain me a little. but who cares. i dun care whether he mia or watsoever. i wil juz treat him as a normal gan kor. i hope this wil b the last tym tt i say i wil 4get bout him. lols. ' I'M GOOD WITHOUT YOO'

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

reach sko around 7.50? mr micheal haven come. so went amphi theater tu join hansel dey all. dey standard oways play cards wan. den play few rounds with dem lor. joanna saw me frm upstair. joanna : wah jessie. kana surround by alot of guys hor. jessie: [count] 10 onli la. LOL. dey oso treat mi as a guy oso. so nvm la. joanna : [after a min] mr micheal come le. den we all went up lor. so long tym nv c nicholas n weixianq liao.........n hansel ! i miss dem! how i hope maths lesson could last longer. cuz i seems tu b afriad of dance now. lols. i get 29/40 for maths common test!!! YEAHHHHH. i'm starting tu love maths now. n mr micheal ! dance training was.. OMFG. damn tiring can. my muscle ache lyk hell. cant walk properly lor. went hm bath n stuff. den went compass mett emily n jasmine. den jojo came. slack slack slack. jojo buey tahan my crazeeness juz now. she keep running away frm me. i dunno la. juz now reali quite siao siao. abit tuu hyper liao. LOL. den jillson n jackie came. dey at another side eat. den after awhile we jiu go off le. jojo n emily ton-ing at jas hse today. den i went hm after tt. i'm not feeling great today. someone cheer me up!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

went bugis with carina n meiyi. actually jas dey all goin oso de. but not alot ppl der today. but i nv bring enuff money. so the same lor. onli bought 1 top. black colour dee. actually is white. but meiyi n carina say later i buy le dun wan wear. cuz i lyk black onli -.- haha. mei yi bought a top n a baq plus a pair of jeans. carina bought a dress. walk alot of round der la. den went tu eat. actually wan eat katong laksa de. but today dun hav. urgh. carina seems b tu quite down thinking of dominic. she damn quiet on the way bak can. c her lyk oso wan emo liao lor. cheer up gal * nth wil happen deeeeeeeeeeee. den went compass tu meet jojo emily jillson n jing yang. c dem play arcade lor. den went bk slack awhile jiu go home le. MY DAUGHTER GROW UP LE! LOL.

Monday, March 12, 2007

i'm having a headache. urgh. i woke up around 6.30 today. i'm lyk the 1st tu reach sko for dance. hang outside stuff room hoping tu c mr michel. but no. went canteen. saw tivona n fadill. [how tu spell his name?] went tu join dem. den ayu came. den slowly alot more came. mr ben din come today. phew~ dance was alright today? went hm after tt. waiting for jasmine n jas toh tu come my hse. took some foto of my clothes tt i wanna sell. got few nv wear b4 de lor. haha. den went jas toh hse. blast her speaker. having fun der la. den jasmine went cp meet josephine. den i go hm liao lor. i'm still thinking whether tu go bugis with dem tml. dun feel lyk goin cuz i'm broke. my eye. cnnt wear contacts. n jas toh not goin. darling nv go wil sian de sia. haix. leave it tu tml den say ba..tatasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sunday, March 11, 2007

urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i feel lyk breaking down. i feel lyk dying. when u* told me that*. i felt so numb inside. i dunno tu cry. tu hate her. or tu bless the 2 of yoo. i feel lyk a nitemare begining. boy, its onli yoo. why did i let myself believe tt miracle could happen. and now i had tu pretend, tt i dun reali care. i tot u were my fairy tale, a dream when i'm not slping. now upon hearing tt..i noe u were my fairy tale no more. n dreams were meant for slping...........


Saturday, March 10, 2007

i din go for dance today. cuz my eye juz now was reali damn swollen. jo say tt miss zu was damn piss. watever. went fareast with jas toh. josephine. jasmine. meiyi. den emily n her fren come n meet us. carina n sherlyn din come =( haha. c no yan dao at all lor. =x LOL. bought a tube at blossom. pair of heels. tt necklace i lonq wanted. n some nose sticker thingy. which look quite real. n i love it ! saw a skirt. quite jap la. onli 17bucks. but cnnt find top tu match. so din buy. reali veri nice can. den went over tu cineleisure. nth tu do la. juz slack around. sit at a corner until a guard came scolding us. den go food court sit lor. chat chat chat jiu go home le. i hate my eye now can. feel lyk juz digging out my eye lor. LOL. tuesday goin tu bugis with some of my classmate. i dun wan let dem c my eye liddat!!! n i haven buy my bag! hope i can find some nice baq at bugis. lols.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

i'm not in a good mood today. i din go sko today. cuz my eye infection again. i dunno y my eye keep liddat la. mayb i'm not suitable for contact lens. but i wore for lyk 1 years plus le? n i went tu the doctor cuz of my eyes lyk about 6 times le? urgh. fuck yoo. went tu c doctor alone. saw ah teck they all. din bother tu say anithing la. after tt went cp meet my mum. went courts awhile tu c some ipod. n i juz noe tt apple ipod cnnt contain wma sonqs. watever. den she went buy 4D. i dunno y i juz feel veri fuck up over smth. but dunno wat isit. i wan buy this my mother keep saying win 4D den buy. she say tt at least got 100tym lor. n how many tym did she won? i'm not cursing her la. but she shd noe how many tym she had won b4. i keep screaming juz now. i dunno y. lyk those little kids. when dey dun get wat dey wan. dey juz scream. mayb cuz i'm goin out den the doctor say cnnt wear len for 2weeks. i was!?!?!?!n i tel my mum tt she owe me 6 bucks. den she help mi top up ez-link card n say she pay bak mi liao. NO!! i keep saying cnnt liddat treat mi lor. den she say. den wat u wan? kiss yoo ar? DIAO. my mum sot liao. den reach hm le my mum dunno how tu spell camp. den i say c-a-m-p. she ask again. i say again. she ask again. i shout at her C-A-M-P LA. U WAN MI SAY HOW MANY TYMS!!! smth is reali ronq with mi. when my dad say bout contact lens thingy when i reach hm. i juz shout at him. STOP NAGGING CANNNNNNNNN. i wan kee siao liao. den i started eating lyk siao again. even though i tot of putting on weight but i juz cnnt stop eating. tt means these few days at hm do 100plus sit up all no use liao. urghhhhhhh. i cnnt control my emotion today. n i'm not menstrating now. is onli when i come tt wan den i wil temper. but today. diff case.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

modern dance was not reali good today. i get tired veri easily. emily din come tu sko today. i leave bout 6questions blank for sci common test today. yea. confirm gonna fail. watever. mr lee lesson is juz. damn boring. no mood tu listen at all. i dunno y i keep staring at mr micheal after i finish my test paper. he so cute can. yayaya. i'm in love with them. but i love mr danny ho more. i'm not sure the spelling of his name. he came during our cdp period. n got sorta a project tu do. if we were given 3000bucks.. how wil we use tt money tu help students tuck in their shirt in n out of the sko. i dun reali noe how tu phrase the sentence. lols. crystal seems tu noe mr ho quite well. n he is a art teacher. went up tu him tu help us draw our modified sko unform. lyk pei hua top. elastic band the bottom of the top. so we wil juz nid tu fold in n it wil look lyk our skirt is tuck in. n de skirt change it tu shorter wan. n a short pants inside. connected. but mr ho draw tt skirt lyk quite long. den we started lyk chatting. frm this tu masturbating -.- n outside. n those lao ah pek. n he admit he does masturbate. ya la. quite gross. den nicholas dey all join us. we were lyk a crazee bunch of students. n nicholas is married tu yong qian. n mr ho started saying bout in U.S guys oso can get inserting womb inside men. den nicholas say he wan. he want tu bear a son for yong qian. LOL!! den i say i donate mind tu him. cuz i dun wan tu lai ang. menstration i mean. n mr ho say is the best part of having tt. i was.. HUH? WHY? n he say liddat gals can b whiny n any how scold boys. den guys wil..orh. sayang sayang. LOL. he damn funni can. den nicholas n yong qian started tu act liddat oso. haha. we chat for the WHOLE lesson. tt 2 period. having so much fun. stil got more. but lazy tu type. after sko went compass with josephine n jasmine. emily come meet us. she rebonded n cut short her hair. pretty~ she look more mature. we chat quite alot. in bk. i keep forgetting today is wednesday. i tot is tursday. n i 4got bout the tym la. went hm around 7. common test is finally OVERRRRRRRRRRR.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

history paper today was..uhhh..i hope can pass. lols. lessons was alright today. except chinese. where alot of ppl is falling asleep n cher keep shoutitng at us. after sko literature test. 1st questions. i wrote bout 2 sentence? i damn lazy tu do. n no mood tu do. so i juz hand in after tt. can c cher not happy la. but wat can she do. get bak paper tio scolding lor. get bak my chinese paper oso. 30/60 juz pass. lols. reach hm i ask my mum guess i get how much. guess wat she said. i think u wan get 25 dunno can ma lor. she damn look down on me. nvm. haha. she said tt laughing oso. melisa gave me prezzie. a top? or a dress? for top is tuu long. for dress is tuu short. LOL. jackie n jillson gave me 2 box of merci chocolate. n i dun eat dE? lols. den went canteen with emily n josephine tu wait for jas. she having make up lesson. went tu c ritzio n jillson play basketball. sian. walk away after awhile. saw miss lalitha sitting bhind the canteen. look veri depress. went over tu chat with her. she say she's having problem with her class. i was lyk speechless? i din noe wat tu say la. so juz acompany her ahwile. den she ask as tu go 1st, she wanna hav some tym alone.beinq a teacher not easy sia. den chat with jillson dey all awhile jiu went hm le.

Monday, March 05, 2007

bakkkkkkkkkkk. frm dance practise which lasted for 3hr plus. 1st present for my bday is frm JASMINE YAP. i love yoo mummie <3 is 2 eye shadow. black n white. my fav colour. lols. kun lenq oso got kup money buy. n i got alot more testimonials frm my frens. all wishing mi happybday. my bday over le. lols. muz wait another 365 days liao. sian dao~ i damn worrid tt i wil fail my maths test today. lols. 1st tym so nervous. nvm. its oreadi over. tml history test. muz pass! wish mi luck!! DnT lesson was fun today. others okok la. haha. holidays cominq. but stil got dance. sian 1/2. py jio mi out. tgt with nicholas. aiya. but holidays stil long la. i think tts all for today. tatas~ gtg study. LOL.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

ppl are smsing me calling me writing testimomo tu me wishing my happy bday. haha. thankew thankew.i cant believe i'm actually spending my bday at hm. rotting away. LOL. i had mac for breakfast juz now. n later steamboat for dinner. yepyep. maths test tml. DIE. i din bring hm ani maths books at all. i'm lazy la. but i noe which tu study for. hehe. i juz ate ice cream. ha leh lu ya. i'm gonna b fat soon. holidays r cuming. dance practise lyk frm mon-fri. i not sure whether saturday got dance practise. n tml dance wil b 3hrs. can go die liao. haix. i hope all this will get over soon. tt's all for now. tatas~

happy BIRDDAY tu me!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

ya ya. i noe i lonq tym nv update le. cuz my mouse spoil. so i dont feel lyk switching my com or watsoever. hmm. alot of stuff hapen these few days. but i'm lazy tu type. 45 more min b4 the end of 13. =) finally. LOL. went compass tu meet my mum today. bought tt mouse. lols. wireless dee. den meet jas toh glen n josephine. mrt-ed tu douby ghaut. i'm not sure of the spelling. lols. den mit carina. mrt-ed tu city hall. glen gave mi a tiger. i dun reali lyk it. i dun wanna hold it at all. den carina dey all was playing with it. dey throw here throw der until it drop inside a pond. LOL. damn funny. den we were asking the banglas whether dey wan. i luff lyk hell. n dey took it. after tt glen face sorta change. lyk quite sad. i'm feeling abit guilty. rah. went arcade. so standard play para. lols. den glen left. went food court. meiyi came. we were damn quite can. cuz jas toh dunno mei yi n carina. so nth tu tok bout. den went bak tu arcade. para again. there is this guy. erm...can say is ji tao buang. n can c tt he can dance damn well. den he lyk wan tu play. so after finishing the last token we stand der let him play. but he nv move. so we play again. den his fren came. gold hair. big size. n FUGLY. he keep critizing us so loudly n i'm damn piss can. den we stop playing. so tt guy played. i dun lyk tt gold hair guy. he tok veri loud. den i shouted at him. : wa pianq. tok so loud. think your mother home ar. lols. den tt guy dance damn wild can. its lyk. over wat normal ppl dance. he even did a hand stand. n i shout if he fall i luff lyk hell. he reali fall. LMAO. i reali cnnt stand the sight of dem. gross. but 4 guy wake pass. 1 shuai ge n 1 cute guy. i was eyeing the cute wan. while meiyi was looking at der shuai ge. LOL. n tt guy i muz say is shuai. LOL. but emily not here. wat a pity. he is obviously more hotter den jaron. hehe. den we went out of der. walk tu marina square. i dunno y all of us suddenly got alot tu crap bout. not crap la. is actually gossip. toking bout clothes. guys. n a gal. name sherlyn. lols. i simply love the tops at blossom. nice but ex. LOL. a guy took number frm me. haha. bought 3 pair of earings. 1 pair for carina bday prezzie. meiyi n me choose damn long. carina dey all at der kao pei-ing. haha. sorrie gals. den took some pics.mrt-ed bak tu sk. its oreadi 9plus. tym reali pass veri fast. saw jas n mel. so chated awhile. den when was about tu leave saw felix kor. chat bout awhile tu went off le. i'm happy today. but last year bday was more fun. haha. i hope nxt year wil b more fun. hehe.