Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Friday Night!

Jeremy Yap's wedding!

yepyep its jasmine's brother!

camwhore in toilet. fav past time. LOL

messy hair i know. i dont comb my hair at all ^^

the moment where the bride and groom walk down the aisle :)

it was so damn sweet i swear.

they played this really touching video that made many tear lor.
serious! it was soooooo sweet.

yknow the everytime you go for wedding dinner there's this small gift at the table? This is the one!

the wedding ended at around 11pm.
but drag drag take photos till close to midnight.
in conclusion food was great everything went well!
oh! they got this LOVE CONTRACT and of the the term says:
' Jeremy's money will always be Amanda's money'
LOL sibei cute!

cab to zouk aftermath and partied the night away.

and on sat,

town with rusydi mah!
first stop was vivo!
bought some stuff from topshop f21
and he splurge like crazy that day!

now i regretted buying that black high waist that cost 66bucks :(
any takers? im willing to sell it at 50bucks!!!
its brand new. fit US 6-8.
i just think the cutting doesnt suit me. so yeah.

fig and olive for early dinz :D

then we went to cine for BREAKING DAWNN!!!
it was damn awesome i swear ^^
cant wait for part 2 to come!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

found this on tumblr and i really agree w it.

done w school for the week alrdy.
instead of going out i'm like staying at home for the night.
tryna get some assignments done.
which is almost impossible.

jas's elder brother wedding TOMORROW!
excited for them ^^
already thinking what to wear!
dress? high waist skirt?
wedges? black? brown? platform heels?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

found this on tumblr and i think its damn cool.
i'm a fan of chanel fyi :p

So, how's school? i've been kinda busy recently.
assignments and projects piling up like free.
tho i only have a 4days/week school still,
i go to work on days that i end early and have no school.
'cept for weekends which is for partying and friends!

jas's elder brother's wedding this flyday!
hehe. tho i'm not their kin but i'm still excited for them!
gonna hit zouk aftermath w my fav party peeeepol!

and today is like the longest day of school.
supposingly to be 8-7pm.
but i reached school at almost 9 today and skipped cds lec.
which, i haven attended yet, not even once. lol.
and went to bedok 85 for an early dinz w classmates!

ending this post w my sibei guailan & cute nephewwwww.

he's attending nursery this coming Jan! so excited he's wearing his uniform alrdy. LOL

yknow the annoying orange it goes like 'ah lalalalalala'?

call me a pedo i dont care~ and pardon my naked face. hehe.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


claudia would prolly kill me if she knows i post this photo of her. LOL

went to the airport after school w classmates for project!
9 of us went to have astons for dinz first before separating into our own grps and start stalking passengers, baggage etc. LOL
it felt like we were some paparazzi.


panda rock gone mad! so cute right! LOL

became candy maker at the last hour of work.
nahhh, i wasnt making, just doing the last part of work for them. hahahas!

was really kinda fun la.

peppermint bullseyes! this wasnt the exact colour tho.
lousy candy maker! LOL

kinda enjoy working at Sticky somehow cause almost everyone's nice.
at the same time i wanna go search for better paying jobs but im already emotionally attached to sticky. ohwells.

Rebel last night and almost the whole world was there.
primary school friends, sec school friends, poly friends, outside friends everybody!
and yeah, it was super duper packed!
i'm not really a fan of rebel now but its good to go back once in a while right?
still rmb how we used to call rebel our playground and how much we hated zouk.
but its different now.
and so, my target of 1mth staying away from clubs, failed.
dont want enjoy now, then when? right?!
i just want a peaceful family, real friends that really care, a guy who loves me for who i am.

am i asking for too much?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is how i'm feeling right now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

People are like waves. We have our ups and downs; sometimes strong, sometimes weak. And then there comes a point when we just have to break down.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Classmates <3

they are the ones who motivates me in school everyday :)

failed shot. LOL

always like to chill outside esplanade cause of its perfect view and atmosphere.

nthg will keep us apart!

this photo dedicated to gabriel cause he just got his braces!

hot not? LOL JK

and since dom missed out this outing i shall include his retarded photo in this post!


dont you just love chillin' w your close friends somewhere just chatting and joking? was a night filled with laughters. and before that we had Sakae buffet AGAIN! like the 3rd or 4th time alrdy?!

its a god damn sat night and im staying in to catch up on my shows/rest/friend blah blah.
and im proud to say i alrdy stopped clubbing for 3weeks! lets make it a month. hehe.
i know, it hard for some to believe but i did it ^^

time to watch my walking dead!
have a good weekend peeeeeepo :D

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thai food @ Sunshine plaza w moi bitch

it was on thurs evening after school.
smthg funny incident happened that day but i shall not elaborate abt it.
all i wanna say is, i will NEVER EVER cheat my friend for CIGARETTES. Period.
i mean not that i'm a smoker la. #justsaying


sakae buffet w rus!!!
are you surprised at the quality of the photo?
look closely its quite focused right?
i took it w my BB Bold2 one kay!
zai right!

Favorite red plate and pink plate :D

So, we cleared 23plates of sushis, 3chawamushi and 2miso soup!
zai or what?! LOL

dont laugh k.....
a super unglam photo of me with my mouth full of sushi!
TADAH!! freaking fat face!

and another one....viewer discretion is advice. dont look at this pic when you're eating!

bloody rus make me take this photo :(

ogayz, 'nuff of gross stuff!
lets talk about my hair!
went to the salon ytd to get it dyed and trimmed :D

Before photo:

Super duper long and 3 shades of brown/gold -.-

and AFTER!

SLIGHTLY shorter and equal ash brown colour :D
okay this photo aint doing justice to my 90bucks hair at all.
its abit light in rl cause of my top in the photo.
and i got NO dark roots at all.
and NO, this is not taken w my BB. hahahahahs

nah! show you photos of some human faces k!

fav bitches since yr1. too bad ivy was in her maths class :(
blurry photo cause i have reaallly shaky hands when snapping photos.

retarded. full stop.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Rusydi's 21st!!!

let the photos do the talking~

i put up the decorations with the help of his sisters ^^

yusrina~ his youngest sister in pink. the one in orange its their cousin.

irdina in black is he's eldest sister and my dance junior and the one in white ardini 2ns sister :D

random. they were trying to get a nice shot of these fragrance candles but failed so i snap one chio pic for them. ehhhh :x

cake cutting time! close buds. those few missing.

poly mates. mostly botaks!

north vista good friends plus soccer



his family~

and the hafis his cousin bestie and his bunk mate.
one big joker hahahahas


and one of his present bought buy desmond and co. !

next post would be his retarded faces while opening presents!

glad his celebrationn went smoothly.
big boy alrdy must know how to think alrdy ar.
no more of doing stupid things k.