Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My super cute nephew.

getting busier with school as term break is approaching.
all the bloody quizzzzzzz and test.
and a short presentation tmr.
i have A LOT of photos to upload ! but not tonight.
needa catch up on some sleep soon.

& life's being good !
did a lot of shopping and nice food recently :D
oh, and i'm going to BANGKOK on 18th!!!
woohoo ! cant wait !

school's kinda interesting lately.
well, only my girls in class understand why ;)
srsly i think some childish guys need to fucking grow up.
oh i forgot, those are just no lifers and are jealous at
the fact that WE know how to have fun.
what a sad life you guys have :(
i will be nice and not to name them out :)

not gonna pollute my blog.
its really not my kinda thing to say bad stuff
about others on my blog.
oh well, i'm someone who cant shut my mouth up.

Monday, November 22, 2010

just a quick update before i go study for my french test tmr.
steamboat on sat evening with classmates !
that few girls up there and 3other guys.
had fun eating and joking and laughing all the way!
and got really cheap stuff from cotton on
cause abrie got staff discount for us !
thankew so much babe !

as usual, no much time for my lappy.
when i'm home most of the time i would be sleeping!

and on a happier note,
finally i got friends to accompany me on mrt rides home!
cause most of my classmates live at green line !

i am sick now. flu, sore throat and cough.
but no, not gonna skip school.
already skipped school on friday
and 2 lectures this morning !
and my attendance for french already hit 85%
no more late or absent on tues 8am :(
if not sure GG !
alright, gotta run !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lynette Tan !

An impromptu ketchup (catch up) with this pretty babe
of mine on monday! like reaaally last min.
still remembered how we used to talk non stop
till our form teach gotta change our seats!

first up for a quick dinner at bugis junction
and then KOI ! hehe.
then shopping at bugis street till like the sky is dark.
then decided to go arab street get a drink and chillax.
bought some snacks first although outside
food are not allowed. who cares?
talk and talk till its 930 and its time to go home
as i've got school the next day from 8am-7pm!
(i ended up skipping 8am lesson. lol)

few more photos...

i really love the indoor corner we sat at !

the chandelier thats very hypnotizing .
spin my head right round right round.

&& i'm so obsess with owl necklaces now !
so cute !!! dontchu think so??

Roar, i rarely have time for cyber life now.
i rarely have time to blog or online now.
every cyber related thingy are now all using my bb!
my lappy can throw already srsly.
alrighty, just kidding !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

baby's 20th !

i'm glad baby enjoyed his birthday .
so proud of myself for planning a surprise for him
without him expecting anything !
bought baby a fred perry belt for his present.
first up was movie at vivo, caught megamind !
then shop around for a bit while waiting for
baby's friend to be at the restaurant first with his cake.
hehe, baby is totally surprised!
he din expected me to contact his friends in advance. lol.
ended with a wonderful night.


photos are not really in orders.
i have alot more but will only update on the next post.
school's starting to get busy already.
and as usual i cant kick the habit of skipping classes.
damn my sleeping habits and my laziness.

lack of updates cause had been
around 2weeks since i last touched my lappy!
will update again tmr!

Friday, November 05, 2010

seriously lack of update.
i will do a proper post real soon
with lotsa peektures !
just had steamboat earlier on with 7 others.
both chicken soup and tom yum soup!
alrighty, gonna watch some movies
with my dearest boy on my cozy bed !