Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bintan trip w classmates!

all the 100 over photos are uploaded on fb!
too lazy to flood my blog with pictures also.

been enjoying every second of this holidays!
a short 1 mth before my internship starts!

abit lag uh. was celebrating my birthday at zouk members
and the bintan trip w the next day LOL.

pictures are not in order,

those photos that i'm fucking red is when i'm almost gone already!
had so much fun. i died and revived! hit the dance floor at 2am!
nabei all of them was like watching the clock once it strike 12 all of them bo pang chance :(( thanks to those who took care of me!
and thanks for the cake which yz delivered it to zouk.

okay radom but i must say
i'm like crazy over siam tiu now! but thai clubs are really fun ^^
something new to me, and some siambu really veh cute lor!

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