Monday, February 27, 2012

Pre-Valentine celebration with rus.

i know its superrrr overdue.
been busy almost everyday recently.
after the crazy projects phase then exams!

so back on track,
it was a super lazy sat afternoon and i dont feel like going out!
then rus die also wanna drag me out and said he wanted to buy formal wear for my for my presentation. OKAY CAN!

and we ended up at vivo then he said lets see what movies they have today.
he actually went to the gold class queue and i was like ' you siao uh! what you doing in this queue?' he just said just wanna ask smthg lor.

the next thing i know he showed the gold class tix in my face and said 'happy valentine day'
NABUEY CHEAT ME LOR!!!! it was his first ever successful surprise on me!
cheeky boy.
then i found out that he booked a trip to Cameron Highlands for us nextnext week!!
HAHA. another surprise busted!

pictures time!

first valentine gift given by our tutor!

the girls, on the day of last presentation!

with alvin our lao da!

gabriel and dom. my 2brothers in class.

then was KOI time! hehe.

okay, i need to go continue memorizing my notes!
2more papers to go!

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