Wednesday, February 08, 2012


guess what i'm doing? ^^

likka happy :DD

mixing the colourings for the candies!

guess what i'm doing again?

Chopping candies!

so happy jason(candy maker) let me try making the candies when boss aren't around ^^
srsly it looks easy but its not!
it was a fun experience tho ^^

kinda sad that i wont be working anymore once my internship starts on April.
but the management kinda....yknow yknow.
they started cutting 8hrs shift to 6hrs.
i dont unds they are so rich why cut cost?
my boss drives a GTR, lady boss drives a BMW Convertible!
and they have 2sticky vans and one more family car.
do i still need to meantion a 10k camera?!

Drowning in projects recently. every fucking day till late!
finally had some time to catch up w jas awhile ago.
thai buffet ^^

dont dare to weigh myself now cause i knew i put on weight :'(
but still pretty so nvm LOL

and the boy is leaving for taiwan next week for 21days :(
and he will miss my 19th birthday!
owells, at least he's been there since my 16th birthday.


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